Obtaining The Book

The book is “Harry Tiebout: The Collected Writings. It’s available from the outlets below and from many other sources. We don’t endorse the businesses linked to here nor do we get a kickback. The links are provided for your convenience.

Amazon paperback and Kindle.
Barnes and Noble paperback and Nook.

There are also PDF versions of some of Harry Tiebout’s writings. These are known collectively as “The Tiebout Papers.” They consist of four major papers also included in the book. Here are links to two different PDF versions. (The first one is smaller and nicer looking. The second is the one in common circulation.)


The PDF versions are missing six chapters:

  • The Role of Psychiatry in the Field of Alcoholism
  • Alcoholics Anonymous: An Experiment of Nature
  • Anonymity: The Ego Reducer
  • When the Big “I” Becomes Nobody
  • Treating the Causes of Alcoholism
  • Why Psychiatrists Fail With Alcoholism

We’ll be reading these chapters during the course of study, so getting the book is recommended.

The first PDF contains the text of a letter written by Tiebout entitled “The 12 Steps as Ego Deflating Devices” You can read the article online here. The paper is a condensed excerpt from a talk Tiebout gave to the 1955 International Convention in St Louis. You can listen to this recording here.